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Long live to metal, long live Obituary - Waiting for July dudes ;)
"Co-fondateur des magazines satiriques «Hara-Kiri» et «Charlie Hebdo», Choron, de son vrai nom Georges Bernier, est décédé lundi matin à l'hôpital Necker des suites d'une longue maladie. Il était âgé de 75 ans."

Goodbye Dimebag Darrell Abbott
You'll be for ever in the Metal hearth; thanks for what you've done and for your music.…
*diamondie (#69059797) fixed the picture in the main gallery - thanks!
Added "Cruchot is a true oldskooler" at…
For unknown reasons, this picture doesn't appear int the main page.

Hand-drawn, 16 colors used.

- "Oui mon adjudant."
- "Oui mon adjudant QUOI ?"
- "Oui mon adjudant CHEF!"
- "C'est bien mon ptit Fougasse."
Added some pictures of an acrylic painting in progress in the scrapbook.
Beware JPEG compression killed the picture' quality (Irfanview hazardous mismanipulation error)
Purple world domination started.

Added a little logo made for a Kiki Prods demo.
My latest acrylic painting was in the workshop - Long hours of painting today
Pictures soon, but who cares?
A pink deviation. Yeah sometimes you get bored while watching TV. Long live to the bad taste.
I added some nuclear-christmas-cybernetic-neuronal-sac logos.
Gallery updated with some oldies. Who cares ?
And today, another CGA logo - Made in a hurry for the SUPERiOER ART CREATiONS Artpack #30.
ferrex I hope you received this file, deadline is so close ;)

My new project is to build glasses which will render our world in only four colors:
0;0;0 - 252;80;252 - 80;252;252 - 255;255;255